About Me

I am working in an American IT MNC for more than 13 years as an engineer with a grand total of almost 2 decades in the IT industry.

Recently discovered cryptocurrency and being quite a hardcore computer gamer, it naturally appealed to me since I like to play around with IT hardware.

I am now trying to organize some colleagues and friends with like-minded aspirations to grow a mining consortium in Singapore using ASICs since they are better bang for the power consumption.  Hope to garner some support from other Singaporeans too!


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  1. hi there, a fellow Singaporean here, how do i join your group? you got a email or something? do singapore have a pool? can i join?\

    1. Hi Ankian, we are a group of close friends that started up this mining group so unfortunately we’re not accepting new “members”.

      If you are wondering about a Singaporean mining pool, there is no public ones that I know about. I usually mine on Bitminter and it’s open worldwide so feel free to join in there.

  2. alright then, thanks for replying anyway. u know where to get usb block erupter cheap?

    1. How many do you want/need? I just purchased some from USA but will ship them here via vPost.

      It should arrive by end of Aug i think. Cost is 0.325 BTC each excluding the cost of vPost -> SG.

      If you are interested in a couple I can sell them to you for BTC or SGD based on the rate above + vPost cost once I have the price to get them here.

  3. that’s around $42 sgd each? are they sapphire version running at 336mh/s? if so I will take 9 and order a usb, fan to cool it. 🙂

    1. Wah so many. Then I suggest you order from the same place I did here -> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=270999.0

      I made an order for 13x but some going to others so if you take 9 then I left with nothing.

  4. eh, website shows 0.32 ? can help order for me? I pay you in SGD? how fast does it takes to reach sg?

    1. Do you have Live Messenger? Just tried to add you.

  5. i thought msn live is dead, they move on to skype? u got whatsapp? can email me your number?

  6. hi
    i am looking to buy asic in singapore next week
    can you recommend me where to buy

    1. Heyas, thanks for coming by my humble blog.
      Unfortunately, Singapore does not have any ASICs for sale in any shops if that’s what you are looking for.

      Bitcoin ASICs are sold primarily as pre-orders and you can visit bitcointalk.org to find out more.

      A warning though, please do your due diligence and research on what and who you are buying from. It’s the wild west in the Bitcoin land.


      1. Thanks for your honest replay
        Any used market here
        Any trade forum you can point me to
        Regards Sagiv

      2. In Singapore? Not that I know of.
        Due to high costs of utilities, it has kept crypto-mining to a minimum.
        You can try bitcointalk.org where there is a Singapore thread but most of the people there are traders more than miners.
        If you are looking to drop by Singapore and leave with mining devices in-hand, you will be sorely disappointed.


  7. Hi, can I join a mining group?

    1. Hi Alice,

      There are many mining pools on the Internet available for you to join to mine bitcoins.

      I would suggest if this is the first time mining to sign up at http://www.bitminter.com. They make it really easy to start in on bitcoin mining.

      When you are more comfortable you can move on to other pools. Some of the more notable ones are :



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