SGMC Update [23 Jan 2014]

USD Rate @ USD$948
Current Difficulty 1,789,546,951
Current SGD (In-hand) $2,894.90
Current USD (Exchange) $0.19
Current SGD (Exchange) $0.00
Current BTC (Wallet) 9.22707724
Current BTC (Pool) 0.00
BTC on Exchanges 2.20
Invested BTC on 2
Estimated Assets SGD$ $18,678.93
Updated : 23 Jan 14 @ 4.26pm

As many of you should know by now, the Jupiter unit was sold away recently to a fellow miner in Singapore for 9 BTC.  Let’s wish the new owner a profitable future with our hardworking unit.

As such, we are no longer in the mining business save for the 40GH left at  Our current holdings are shown above and there isn’t any new mining hardware out there now or in the near future that will at least ROI and thus, I think it is better off holding whatever we have now and/or trading.

Some of the guys have taken to other Alt-coins such as DOGE, MOON & LOT which have been fairly well received on the Alt-exchanges.  Some of us have even made a tidy profit by buying in with BTC and getting out when the prices of the Alt-coin went up.  It is something worth looking into but with a higher risk but higher rewards if the bet is well-made.

A few folks in the venture are also itching to “cash out” now and based on the table above.  Per-share cash out now will include the following :

SGD$93.38 & 0.43313152 BTC PER share

Interested parties who want to cash out now for CNY as well as hold some BTC for trading fun, please let me know.


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