SGMC Update [16 Dec 2013]

Bitcoin rate calculated @ USD899 each.

Current Difficulty 908,350,862
Current SGD (In-hand) $3,611.43
Current USD (Exchange) $0.19
Current SGD (Exchange) $3,896.02
Current BTC (Wallet) 3.02605034
Current BTC (Pool) 0.57738866
Current NMC (Total) 16.02158
BTC on Exchanges 1.8
Estimated Assets SGD$ $13,628.38
Updated : 16 Dec 13 @ 3.44pm

I am happy to announce the ROI of the Jupiter system earlier this month.  It has been great having the opportunity to be able to get funds from you guys and to be able to work towards the first milestone!  Payouts of the original investment are still in progress and everyone should be paid out the original investment by Xmas.

Please take a look at the current holdings table above.  Do note that it does not include the monies that will be paid out to each individual investor and this is a snapshot of the pure PROFIT from now on.

Some highlights so far.

– MtGox has been disappointing in their withdrawals so I told them to go fuck themselves cancel the withdrawal and re-credit the monies back to the account.  I bought BTC and sent those BTC to FYBSG and liquidated for SGD instead.  We might have lost a bit here and there on transaction fees but only a couple of dollars and the peace of mind that the money will be in-hand 24 hours after a withdrawal request.

– Mining rate has dropped due to the increase in difficulty and we are looking at > 1 billion difficulty in the next retarget.  This means that our Jupiter will soon be making close to 0.2 BTC/day.  While it is still profitable but we will need to plan on maximizing profits while increasing our BTC holdings.  I have some ideas that I am putting down into a document for everyone to review.

–  Other than the above, everything is still business as usual.  Mining and then selling off a small portion for a “higher-than-average” market price.  I reckon another payout to all investors once we have > SGD$9.3k on hand,  which kinda looks that it will be happening soon.  Then I can say, we all did a 100% profit.  Then we’ll look at 200% and 300% (300% seems to be the target that some of the investors are aiming for, which I am actively trying to make into reality.)




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