SGMC Update [2 Dec 2013]

Bitcoin price is based off current rate of USD$1094.

Current Difficulty 707,408,283
Current SGD (In-hand) $700.75
Current USD (Exchange) $474.88
Current SGD (Exchange) $2,361.74
Current BTC (Wallet) 8.14154777
Current BTC (Pool) 0.39959953
Current NMC (Total) 3.54143296
BTC on Exchanges 0.2
Expected USD Transfer $1,631.31
Energy Costs Till 30 Nov $155.71
Estimated Assets SGD$ $17,416.46
Updated : 2 Dec 13 @ 12pm

Here is the updated table as of current.  Please see list of new activities below.

  • Traded all our Namecoins (NMC) at a very good exchange rate of 0.013 BTC per NMC (current rate 0.00822).  This yielded around 0.7 BTC which was then added to the group’s wallet.
  • Switched mining pool back to, so this blog stats should show up now.
  • Still pending USD transfer from MtGox.  Decided not to use them in future and will probably convert on FYBSG instead.  Will continue to look out for other alternatives.

And some interesting crypto-news.

KnCminer released a new pre-order of Neptune units at USD10K each, promising to hash at 3TH/s per unit.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on any as I was out of town and didn’t get the email notification until I came back.

I have also started to “daytrade” at (link is to the right side of this page) by using BTC to buy cloud hashing compute power and immediately reselling them at a higher price.  So far been good and I haven’t made a losing trade…. yet.  It might happen but I believe with the Bitcoin craze going round now, it’s tough to make a huge loss if you are not greedy.  Do use the link beside this post and check it out!

For those who are able to control multiple servers and/or PCs, there is a relatively new CPU-only coin in town called ProtoShares.  You might want to check it out.  Free money if you have spare CPU power.


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