SGMC Update [18 Nov 2013]


Bitcoin is now USD$603 as of this writing.

Current Difficulty 609,482,679
Current SGD (In-hand) $700.75
Current USD (Exchange) $413.36
Current SGD (Exchange) $0.00
Current BTC (Wallet) 4.07219478
Current BTC (Pool) 0.11391983
Current NMC (Pool) 36.02744739
BTC on Exchanges 0.1
Expected USD Transfer $1,631.31
Energy Costs Till 13 Nov $70.32
Estimated Assets SGD$ $5,773.34

This is the current state of affairs.  Changes since last update :

  • Withdrawn SGD from FYBSG (Singapore Exchange).
  • Moved mining to Eligius pool so no more NMC generated for the time being. (Apparently NMC is also being generated!  Will update next post with the addtions)
  • Still pending USD withdrawal.

Watching BTC prices like a hawk for the past few days.  It is unbelievable today’s jump to USD$600.  Hope it will hold and go beyond!


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