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SGMC Update [28 Oct 2013]

Jupiter receipt date : 18 Oct 2013 (Online & hashing in the later part of the day)

Unfortunately, 2 days after delivery, one of the ASIC boards went kaput and had to be sent back to Sweden for RMA.  At this juncture, they claimed to have received the faulted board but I am awaiting their email on the replacement status.

In any case, here are some of the details of the current financial status of this venture.  As always, for details, please contact me separately to have a look at the Excel sheet that I am tracking all these on.

[1] Current SGD : SGD -$615.51

[2] Current USD in BTC Exchanges : USD $656.53

[3] Current BTC in Pool : 0.80503717 BTC

[4] Current BTC in Cold Wallet : 0.76361595 BTC

[5]Current NMC in Pool : 14.49369775

*[1] The reason why SGD is negative is due to GST charges upon delivery of the mining machine as well as the cost of sending the faulted board back to Sweden.

*[2] These are USD collected after sales of BTC, but not withdrawn to Singapore yet.

*[3] BTC not withdrawn into cold wallet yet.

*[4] BTC sitting in cold wallet.  Process is to send them to the exchange before selling.

*[5] Namecoins (NMC) are obtained automatically from BTC mining on our pool.  The going rate for NMC is about USD $0.47 per NMC.