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Closure of Group Buys

Due to underwhelming response for both the group buys, they will be closed with immediate effect.

For those who are looking to purchase USB Block Erupters from Bitfountain, you may indicate your interest by replying here.  I do have some on-hand that I can sell around SGD$50 each.

Alternatively, you can also get them cheap at forums but shipping may be costly (both in financial terms as well as waiting time).




KNCminer Jupiter Miner

It’s September and the difficulty is 65 million.  The next retarget looks like it is going to be at 85 million, which isn’t good outlook.  I feel it’s not going to plateau anytime soon and the end 2013 hope of difficulty is unlikely to maintain in and around 250 million.

In any case, KNCminer has provided some updates on the miners that they are manufacturing as well as hints of shipping taking place “towards the end of September”.  Ours will ship in October and I sure hope it will be early October so that we can get online before difficulty exponentially scales up.

Here is the chassis for the miner.  Dimensions are about 40cm x 50cm.  Unfortunately height is not been released but I would hazard a guess at around 4U if put into a standard computer rack.


As you can see, it kind of looks ugly.  But who cares as long as it prints us the money that we’re all hoping for.

There’s also a pic of the PCB where the ASIC chip will be on.


This is the board that will have 1x 100GH/s chip sitting on it and the Jupiter will have 4 of these boards installed on it.

Even if difficulty is spiking now.  The good news is that BTC is steadily rising and is now around USD$144 on Mt Gox or SGD$175 on FYBSG.  If prices continue to rise, then the loss of BTC from mining isn’t that hard to stomach since it will be compensated by the increasing BTC price.