KNCminer updates [14 Aug 2013]

Current Difficulty 50,810,339
Est. Diff Increase (Daily) 1.43%
Est Diff End 2013 365,666,551
Est. Jupiter Online 15-Oct-13
Est. BTC earned End 2013 78.05645561
Current BTC/USD Rate 110.6
Est. USD earned End 2013 8,633.04

Wow, what a big jump in difficulty this retarget!  The difficulty jumped more than 35% just to cross the 50 million mark in terms of difficulty.

This will definitely kill off all the remaining miners depending on GPUs and FPGAs who do not have access to free power.

I have also changed the way BTC earnings are calculated and will stick to this method of calculation as compared to the previous method.  I have also hazard a guess that we should have the Jupiter unit up and running in mid Oct and hope the Gods do give their blessings to have this come true.

The other news is that now I am officially a reseller (who isn’t) of KNCminer products so feel free to refer people by using this link.



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