KNCminer Venture

Thanks for all the prompt payment.

I have already sent KNCminer the payment for the upgrade and pending their confirmation.

Everything looks good from here.  Right now it’s a waiting game and praying for difficulty to stay low. Oh! And for the price of BTC to increase too. 🙂

# of shares Sponsor Payment
1 T.Tay  PAID
2 D.Poh  PAID
2 WM.Chin  PAID
1 L.Thng  PAID
1 V.Chong  PAID
1 J.Ng  PAID
1 J.Mui  PAID

4 responses

  1. Hi Derek, I have sent you an email about reserving the remaining 2 shares. Please check your inbox (and spam, should the message not be in your inbox).

  2. Graham, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the venture is no longer available as I am waiting for another 2 persons to commit for the last 2 shares.

  3. Okay, I understand. By the way, is your delivery date unaffected by waiting for the top-up payment?

    1. Yups. According to KNCminer, the delivery date remains the same.

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